About Me

My resume’ is here.

Basic Info about Me: American male, born 1966 to human parents — hoping to become radically transhuman one day, in some manner that lets me fully appreciate the transition.  Married … 3 kids so far, born 1989, 1993, 1997; generally surrounded by many small furry and feathery animals.

Back in third grade in 1974, I looked like that picture to the right.   I don’t look so much like that anymore.

These days I’m living in a village in the New Territories of Hong Kong, though I seem to be off somewhere else at least 1/4 of the time….

I have a math PhD, but am currently working mostly on artificial intelligence and its various applications

I’m focused on creating benevolent superhuman artificial general intelligence; and applying AI to areas like financial prediction, bioinformatics, robotics and gaming….  I also love avante-garde fiction and weird music, philosophy, mathematics, wandering randomly in the forest, and lots of other stuff.

See my bio page for more professional and personal biographical details.

My Wikipedia page

I’ve given dozens of speeches on technical and futurist topics in the last few years. One of my more popular talks was Ten Years to a Positive Singularity, If We Really, Really Try., delivered via Skype to the TransVision 2007 conference in Helsinki, from my home in Maryland. See also the text for that talk. (It’s been a few years since then, and unfortunately the human race hasn’t been “really, really trying”, but we’ve made some progress even so!)

Various links relevant to my life or my doings:

Blogs etc.






Nonprofit Organizations


    • OpenCog: Software project I co-founded, focused on building an open-source thinking machine
    • Artificial General Intelligence conference seriesAGI-11 will be on Google’s campus in Mountain View in August 2011
    • H+: Humanity Plus … a futurist advocacy group, of which I’m currently Vice Chair (and was Chair for a while)
    • AGIRI: Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute, a largely dormant website that
      still has some useful information on it


Commercial Ventures



    • Novamente LLC: AGI research; AI consulting and software development,  with special expertise in machine learning, language processing, and intelligent agents for games and virtual worlds.
    • Biomind LLC: Advanced AI for bioinformatic data analysis, especially microarray and
      SNP data
    • Genescient: Using bioinformatics and other tools to exploit the genomes of long-lived flies to create therapeutics to combat age-associated disease
    • Igenesis: Consulting/R&D firm doing AI and other advanced software development, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil



Literature and Music


    • Fiction: Some of my surrealistic fiction writings
    • Music: Some electronic keyboard compositions and noodling


Personal and Family Photos


Websites of my Offspring

(mostly unmaintained & long obsolete)



Websites of my Parents


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