Current Research Highlights

My primary current research focii are:

·        The Novamente AI Engine, an ambitious AI architecture aimed at true “artificial general intelligence.”   A series of books and papers on Novamente will appear over the next few years.  See for a little more information.

·        Applications of Novamente to datamining, in particular to bioinformatics (see the Biomind website, and click here for a (rough draft) example research paper, involving the analysis of microarray gene expression time series data)

I’m also editing a book on Artificial General Intelligence, hopefully to appear (at long last!) in 2004; see the relevant page on the AGIRI site for details.

I continue to speculate about the wild transhuman future; see for example my recent essay on Encouraging a Positive Transcension, my online book The Path to Posthumanity and also some of my papers in the Dynamical Psychology electronic journal, which I co-edit.

And I'm involved in the Java Supercompiler project, headed up by Valentin Turchin and Andrei and Arkady Klimov, aimed at producing an incomparably advanced global program optimization technology for Java; see our Java supercompilation whitepaper for details.

For an outdated resume' -- current as of early summer 2002 -- click here.

For my personal page, containing info on my family and other nonscientific endeavors, click right here.