Zelda’s Battle

By Zar Goertzel

June 19, 2000



            Link got up out of bed.  He was the new leader of Karkori Village.  And Mido, the old leader, was now the one that no one liked. 

Link looked at his record.  It said he’d won five horse races, lost two horse races; the biggest fish he’d caught was 67 pounds; amount of rupees: 500.

When he got out of the door everyone was yelling, saying “He was taken away!  He was taken away!”

Link said, “Who?  Who was taken away?”

“Guard Malk,” said the crowd.  “And the Deuky tree was back alive.”  Everyone was yelling from joy and horror.  And everyone was hurt a lot.

Link got out a lot of milk and poured it in the fountain, that was empty.  Everyone ran over with their bottles and got a whole bottle full of milk and started drinking.

Then, while they were all drinking, Link snuck out to the Deuky tree.  The Deuky tree said, “A new horror has come to Hurl.  All the sacred stones are gone.  Even the Ocarina of Time.  And there’s a couple new places that we discovered.  We think that people from some of those places took stuff.  But we don’t know.”

Then the Deuky Tree told Link that one of the new passageways was from the graveyard.  Then Navvy came along, and said, “O great Deuky Tree.  I will help lead them to get your stuff back.”

Navvy said to Link, “But first you should go to Hurl Castle.  And don’t forget, Sarah’s at the castle; she might help you.”

Link ran down.  Then all the people started chasing him.  First, he went into the Lost Woods, hoping to lose them.  He stood up on one of the logs where one of the Skull Kids sleeps.  He played Sarah’s song and a Skull Kid, Wink, jumped up in surprise and said  “What do you need help with?”

Link said, “Finding Sarah.”

Then Wink went out of the Lost Woods the normal way, and saw them yelling and screaming.  Link said, “I know another way.”  Then went right, left, right, forward, and then they were in Gouran City.  They ran, then jumped down through the middle hole of the city, then rolled at the bottom so they wouldn’t get hurt much.  They went through the door to see Big Brother, otherwise known as King Gourand.  They both played Sarah’s song together.  Link played it on the flute, and Wink played it on the Fairy Ocarina.  Big Brother was dancing like mad – he went up on top of the circular platform at the very top of Gouran City – walking on ropes all the way to get there.  While he was dancing up there everyone was cheering and cheering.  Then they heard the Karkori people yelling and screaming, mad because Link had run off.   They ran out of Gouran City.