- Chuan Kung Shakya -

Chuan Kung Shakya

AKA:	    		Gwumbldy Aranta
    			Gwendolyn Goertzel
Address:		161 Canfield Avenue
			Randolph, NJ 07869

phone:    		973-252-0419
e-mail:           	ChuanKungShakya@HsuYun.org

Birthdate/place:	Brooklyn, NY 1967

Ordination:		1998 		Honolulu, HI
					Ordained as Chuan Kung Shakya in the 
					Zen Buddhist Order of  Hsu Yun under 
					Master Jy Din Shakya

Who am I?		Oil painter in the tradition of Zen.  Intellect 
			and idea do not interfere as the creative force 
			flows through the object,the creator, and the 
			creation, and they  are one.  

Exhibitions:      	1999  -- The Riverview Arts Center, Phillipsburg, NJ
				   Now showing through April 17-- 908-454-4141	
			1996	-- The International Art Gallery, 
				   Perth, Australia;group show, featured artist
			1995 	-- Waikato Society of Arts Gallery, 
				   Hamilton, New Zealand; group show
			1992	-- Cafe Espresso Roma, Las Vegas, NV; solo show
				-- The Local Artist, Las Vegas, NV; two shows
				-- Amnesty International Benefit Exhibit, 
				   Las Vegas, NV
				-- Art Affair, Las Vegas, NV
			1991 	-- Valentine Auction by Allied Arts Council, 
				   Las Vegas, NV			
			1990 	-- Art Affair, Las Vegas, NV
			1989	-- Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA; two shows

Illustrations:    	1995  -- Linus Pauling: A Life in Science and Politics, 
				   by Ted Goertzel and Ben Goertzel, Basic Books, HarperCollins
					--technical drawings 
			1994  -- Las Vegas Kardma, by Allan Ackerman, A-1 MultiMedia 
					--cover design
			1993  -- The Evolving Mind, by Ben Goertzel, Gordon and Breach
					--technical black and white illustrations of biological 
			1985  -- Field Guide to Massachusetts Medicinal Herbs, unpublished 
				   pamphlet by Laura Shannon
					--pen and ink line drawings of regional plants

Education:		1995- 1997 	University of Western Australia,
					Perth, WA, Australia
					--PhD candidate:art theory 
					  and practice			
					--Topic: Thinking versus Intuition in the 
					  creation of art and what impact this has 
					  on computer generated art.
					--Supervisors: David Bromfield 
					  and Marion Cottingham
			1994		Waikato University,
					Hamilton, New Zealand
					--PhD candidate in computer science
					--Topic: Designing a program to get the 
					  computer to understand language. 
					-- Supervisor: Ian Witten
			1992		University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV
					-- M.S. degree in Mathematics
			1989		Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
					-- B.S. degree in  Linguistics 
			1987		Rutgers University, Camden, NJ
					-- studied art
			1984		Simon's Rock College, Great Barrington, MA
					-- studied liberal arts

- Chuan Kung Shakya -