a better than average fuck

ben goertzel

kissing each small patch
of your fragrant soft skin
each piece a flavor unique
this is the way to begin

							motions aren't made 
							of light
							but can feel so
Tracing my tongue
along the backs of your knees
and in the pits of your arms
My hands are eager to seize
your breasts, gently to squeeze --
a small nibble, a kiss,
a few licks, a few more –
A few minutes like this
Then a few minutes more
Then I have to move on,
Other skin to explore

With one cheek in each palm
and your thighs splayed out wide
I'm ready to dive, girl --	
Prepare for the ride! 						
I'll begin slowly, gently
Making orbits around –
Tiny bites to your thighs
and your soft furry mound
Up and down in the cracks
between pussy and thigh
till your body relaxes,
your clit pushes high,
reaching, eager, for touch –
but I won't feed it yet
Let's see you beg, baby --
how hot can you get?

Around again, teasing, till
greedy, you grasp
my hair, push my mouth
onto it, gasp,
it leaps up, crazy hungry,
caught in the rhythm it's found,
knowing now it'll come soon --
it's ready to pound --
It's hard to restrain you
Musical smacking sounds
As my tongue dashes out
and my tongue splashes in
I've got you now baby!
Feel that pussy spin!

Then relaxing and calming,
it barely can move
Still hungry, but now
in a quite different groove
I lift my head from your cunt,
grab with my hands your hips,
and pound my cock into
your wet, waiting lips

In and out – out and in –
it's a damn simple beat
You're scraping your toes
on the soles of my feet
as your clit rubs the bone
at the base of my cock
I feel the come rising –
I'll give you a shock --

Sit up, don't be lazy
Come, sit on my lap
I'll lift you up and down
Nothing better than that
Lean back and I'll feast on
Your breasts jutting out

Turn over now, baby –
this should make you shout –
Wheee!  Look at that baby!
Jesus your ass looks fine!
Flapping in, flapping out
As my cock keeps the time
If I reach my hand down I can
jiggle your clit
round and round as you pump –
Whoa!!!  Ouch!!! Slow down a bit!!

You want me to lie down?
You get on top
Keep going girl -- fuck me like crazy --
don't stop --
My sperm's gonna spurt soon --
I'm holding it back --
I'm timing the moment
for the final attack

God – you're nuts this morning –
I can't hold you on!! –
If I let go your ass
you'll be flying off, gone
Up and down, in and out
Pounding down from above
You're a miracle, so fucking perfect
my love

Ooh yeah, here it comes --
One thrust, bigger than ever
I'm a force now, a primary force
like the weather --
Dance on my sperm baby!
Drown in my pleasure
Again now – ooh yeah –
hold on tight – stay together --
Holy shit, there it goes…

Now we lay side by side
My hand on the organ I just played 
Flaps of skin, fragrant juices
It was brilliant, but then –
it's so sad that it's over
Wanna do it again?