brief history of the universe

ben goertzel

I've Always been told to begin AT the beginning It all started out with a vague mOving or spinning First there was the nOthing -- about which I've nothing to say -- but somehow, or nOhow, the nothing gave way Time emerged i'd something surged give up everything something verged on existing in my life The core of the nothing to spend one moment started bEnding and twisting at the very center started starting perhaps -- of her delirious here language falls all apart soul The Universe, as we call it, began to beat like a heart inside This was LOVE, elemental No body or mind FLAP your scabby, Only the crave to return, kneecaps apart the primal wholeness to find my little whore!! Move apart! feel the difference outside There's you and there's me Come together now, darling -- can you feel the how close can we be? see the Once was one, hear the now is two, taste the broken symmetry, done difference Once was none, difference? then another, difference? then none became one, and the other was two, and the party's begun and the wonderful sensual smell of her breath comes to life, and the reeking of animal death and the perfect confusion of thoughts that kill sense and the look on her face when she's angry and tense and the O of her mouth when she has a big O and the pointless disputes that all couples must know and the love and the hate and the beauty and fear and everything, everything, starts off RIGHT HERE All the chemicals, animals, plants, people, cliques Everything that is lovely or that makes me sick It's a big fucking mess, that's the only real fact It call came out of nothing when's it gonna go back? Is it still pure perfection, is it love, is it sweet? It all depends on the moment She makes me feel so complete
Four pOint two billion years later give or take a bit The universe has expAnded All sorts of structures in It Stars and planets and gAlaxies, nebulas, quAsars, And in a small corner the plAces we call ours -- the bioLOGICal RObots we call women and men The situations we gEt in again and again broken symmetry We're all parts of the nothing love fantastic split off wildly spinning repEating the story of the very beginning I crave dear your We're separAte; in our separateness tongue on my tongue we find our glory and your But perfection is always a unified story We strive back for oneness, for nothing again Lust Supreme Reach out for togetherness, breath on my lovers and friends skin To embed OURselves in history, leave mysterious marks Anything but to be left alone in the dark