ben goertzel

Chaos!  Sickness!  Madness!  Delirum!

Where is time in this story?  At what angle?

Where is the perfect sense of mind?

How can we leap years to years, moments to moments, ideas to 
ideas, patterns to patterns, sex acts to sex acts, lusts to loves and 
loves to lusts, minds to minds to minds?

And what is the purpose at all?

What of representation, the other half of pattern?   So, should the 
nappies and beer be put close together in the store to facilitate 
shopper convenience, insidiously, maniacally, with vast explosions of 
orchidal lust, a representation is an entity that "stands for" another 
entity.  To talk about representation one must have three entities in 
mind: This was discussed by several speakers and the results were 

Vines wrapped around the innards of your being.  Does this mean 
that men are changing more nappies?  One thing has always puzzled 
me: If stretched out sufficiently, could her labia be tied in a knot?   
The entity A being represented, the entity B doing the representing, 
and the entity C that recognizes B as a representation of A.  Not just 
one twist around each other  that's easy  but two, a complete 
knot, perhaps a square knot, the only knot I remember from my 
year in the Boy Scouts (alas, they never let us practice on vaginal 

The recognition activity of C is a kind of transformation; in 
mathematical lingo, should the nappies and beer be put close 
together in the store to facilitate shopper convenience, wrapped in 
the knot tied from her labia, made flexible with olive oil, we would 
write C(B)=A.  Thus, putting simplicity and representation, together, 
the conclusion is that  they had better buy what their partner needs 
to be able to have patterns, one must have entities that can 
transform entities into numbers ( to give simplicity judgements), and 
one must have entities that transform entities into other entities (so 
as to enable representation, instead of water).   One winds up being 
completely pickled, in Peircean terms.

Both simplicity and representation are Third  both are relations.  
Where is the other water?  Simplicity is a relation between an entity 
and a number, for purposes of order comparison.   Where is the 
other water?  A representation is, obviously, a relation between the 
representer and the represented.   People buying beer and nappies 
are mission oriented and they are not going to forget them, and 
there is no increase in other purchases.   So much for theory!  Non-
delirious moments?   Beer is the other water  not.  A pattern is a 
relation between these two relations  a simplicity relation and 
representation relation linked  not, not, or not, or not.  He gave the 
familiar example of emergent data links:  between purchases of 
diapers and beer.  This was an early find of data mining supermarket 
purchase data.  Supermarkets world-wide note such correlations.  
The question is, what do you do about it?   Not necessarily as it turns 
out, just that whenever either member of the family with young 
kids goes, or far apart, so that people buying both will have to walk 
across the store and see other things that they will then buy and 
increase the stores' profit?  

It's all really stupid.  No one understands anything.   The currents of 
mind self-intersect and form odd whorls and eddies, fractals without 
sufficient data points to confirm their fractal nature.  Someone at 
the conference had actually talked to the supermarket owners about 
this and they said, yeah, we know all this, but it doesn't make any 
difference.  Moments connect, and disconnect, and divide 
themselves by each other differentially, but representation pattern 
simplicity emergence beer and diapers, they all rapidly dissolve in 
the liquid luscious folds of her olive lunch skin.