imagine a woman

ben goertzel

Imagine a woman
No thIng and her, 
Young and yet old
On no knees she stoops down
as sOme gravestones will do
Names gone and 
to whEn, where
Stoop down 
and for whom?
Same stoop for all Idiots
vast vAsts apart
The lAst state
The fIrst state
The stAte of her heart

Much wOrse in vain
Less in vain
NEver to be
All gnaw to be naught
All walls blInding 
to see
What were 
skull to go?
Why erotic reActions?
The trial's going on,
Still unknown 
the infrAction
No.  Skull better worse.
What is left of skull.
Worst now, why of all.
Skull not go.
Fallen off.
Into it still 
the whole
what's left 
Of soft.

It's enough.
Nothing, you see
Nohow on
Somehow on
Somehow tempt me to be
Best if worse if
no farther
Worse if better 
Or not

Said go on
Said gO on
Near the germ of it all
Bare breasts heaving gently
Love nipples
Wet skin
She loves me, she loves me!
Let the games now begin

Dimly seen,
never unseen
there's nothing to see
So-said void
Was it her?
Was it me?

Add others?
Never till 
if needs must
No, no
Nothing to thOse so far
She must go

Ooze on back to say
void here
Legs apart
Moving wet
No sadness
how good cOuld
never wOrk as you thought

First the body, she said
Touch my body
Touch my place there
and watch me
I'll shiver and twist
First the place now
the place now
A place 
in your soul
I'm in now
You nEver will
gEt me 
to go

Your flowers of need
lean their blooms
toward my spark
Your nothingness garden
is mine
Is it dark?

No, the body first
All of old
Nothing new
Try the either
The other
What else will you do?

RemAins of thinking 
where none
for the sOle sake of pain
Somehow up
Somehow stand
Somehow rise
through your brain

Was she something sUrreal?
Something bold?
Something new?
Was she beautiful, perfect,
something to aspIre to?
Was she vulgar and evil
and hateful and vain?
Did she writhe on your cock,
loving you as she came?

Pain of bones,
pain of bones
Nothing else
Never new
Pain of old Aching bones
Here's the place
Not to do

Was it me?
Not to be
Fear of you
Source unknown
Dim light source
Source unknown
Meremost minimum

Meremost too much
Much less
Meremost minimum

Put my hand up her dress
Feel the infinite
Feel the nothing
Pending worse still
Not so