Jesus, Lord of Newark

ben goertzel

People sit on the train
Looking stupid and dead
A hundred billion eLECtrical cells in their head
Living with no understAnding
in worlds not expAnding
Biological Robots, motivated by branding
Waiting for HOLidays, full of vague IDiot rage, 
how can you turn the next pAge, 
when your brain is the BIRDcage
and it's gilded with FOOL's gold
How quickly we gEt old
We're thinking we BOUGHT our freedom 
when the truth is we BEEN sold
Sold down the river
by our pErsonal hells --
networked eLECTrical cells --
Feel the cold shiver --
I got goose bumps, 
got lumps on my head
from where I BANGed it on the brick wall
Not quite sure I'm not dead
Quiet desperAtion leaves you comfortably dumb
I can't say it all cUz my tOngue is too numb

Well I'm a strange deviAtion
some kind of psychic mutAtion
Now I've got off the trAin
I'm standing here at the stAtion
Time to head off to WORK
like a stupid ass JERK
Scribbling In my mind's NOTEbook
Words not Even HALF cooked
Is this some kind of conFUSion, deLUSion, ilLUSion
Bang my HEAD on the wall again, 
get a conTUSion
Bleeding OUT like a faucet
I think I've FINally lost it
I no longer can
distinguish pleasure from PAIN
There's far too mAny dimEnsions
to stay with the SANE

Have I really gone crazy?
It's not at all hAzy
It's just so hard to proJECT into everyone's LANGuage
I look into your EYES and I just see the DAMage
The world was born out of LOVE
Way back beFORe time existed
The world was born out of LOVE
And then someHOW it got twisted
WRAPped all around its own ASShole in knots
DROWNed in cheap beer and mariNATed in snot
The GARden so pErfect and lOvely and SWEET
Was RIPped in six billion pieces,
Each one incompLETE
And each one with a nAme
And a body and HELL
Nonsense gArdens whose SICKNESS
We know all too well

There's no underSTANDing
It's at random exPANDing
There's no way to recEive
what it is I'm deMANDing

If perFECtion came to me
I'd be too small
to accept it
and that's why
there's NO HOPE at all

My secret GARden it's dYing
so could you leave me ALONE?
Take off your shirt HONEY,
I'll lick your breasts like ICE CREAM cones
I need delirious disTRACTion
Surrealist spicy reACTion
My trial's been going a WHILE
I still don't know the inFRACTion

I see through the WINdow
I know what we DON'T know
I saw a lady there WAITing
I saw the smIle on her fAce
Fingers undOing the lAce
On her nine dimensional LINgerie
I'll live to DREAM another day
She'll mesmerize me like SPACEtime
Isn't her flesh fine
I'd like to have her inside
This nonSENSE garden OF mine

DOZens of cOUSins of NOthing there bleeding
I don't know their nAmes
I can jUst feel their nEEding
As they ride on the PATH train
scorching down DIME lane
without a true thought in THEIR brain
the world feeding THEIR pain
PAPERS in their hands
Lusting for movie stars
Reading OF foreign lands
Sucking on SPORTS CARS
Lies of the century
Closing the soul's doors

And I am no bEtter
My blood is no wEtter
My shit is no swEEter
I'm as mad as a HATter

REALize EVERYthing, 
where does it gEt you?
InsAne in your brAin
The truth will only upSET you

Better the IGnorant bliss
Drunk on your GURU's PISS
Listen to this
Ooh babe
Awash in the HIT OR miss

I'm walking to WORK now
I'm less of a JERK now
All my strange cogiTATions
are only a quirk now

Expanding in EMPTY space,
the grace of the HUMAN race,
and all that I dreAM
is just a spArk in a DARK PLACE

The world was born out of LOVE
I'm just a tiny part Of it
Existing twisting reSIStance
You wanna make something of it?

Invisible BODY bags
surrounding the HUMAN drags
It really don't MATter
We're all the mad HATter

God-not GOT the EquAtion wrong
This song has gone ON too long
Some part of my HEART has an ART
that is FAR too strong

And like all other fools
I look aHEAD to the day's end
Put the whole mess asIde and
curl up in my WARM BED

DisappEAR in the passion,
comPASSIONate romance
of your LIPS on my skin --
your NondiMENsional INstants

Who fucking CARES it's all
chance and machInery
I love you so baby
You're such EXcellent scEnery

Strange bloody thoughts
buzzing on through my brain
as I'm riding to work
on the damn stupid PATH train