let's get funky baby

ben goertzel

let's get funky,
she said,
forget about whatever it is
you're thinking,
turn that brain off,
let's get DOWN

i'm here, i'm ready,
she said
lifting her skirt up

You could sprinkle your short hairs with stars,
I quoted
And what? she asked

She walked closer toward me,
I could smell three distinct odors,
all of them delicious
Let's get funky baby 

dress falling down in reflected
sunlight, shoes kicked off
to the corner of the room, bra
snapped off and breasts set free
to hang and smile, odd, nipples
stiffening, underwear being
pulled down and kicked off onto
the bed, my pants unsnapped,
fly unzipped, feet struggling out, my
shirt pulled over my head, watch
removed, you pressed to me
pressed to me, pressed to me
pressed to me, skin 
on skin on skin

In and out of you
the wind blows

you sleep, mouth open
slightly, legs spread
slightly, one arm out
to the side, the other
on your belly, your breasts
sagged over by your arms
your breathing
slow and loud