liquid words (for eli)

ben goertzel

We're talking and not saying anything
Just like any other day
You told me that you were from Jupiter
Was that the right game to play?

Well we can see the screen formed from our words
Echoes of the everyday
The verbal liquid with which we fill
The silence won't go away

To fill the void we'd have to use
language in a different way
Whisper and weave it through the evening air
as the sunset goes away

The transparency of dreams is broken now
Broken like an alchemist's flask
You want to know, you want to grasp it
But your soul's too weak to ask

To be a man is to be a dreamer about women
To love their bodies
and their tender perfect eyes
How can we feel so much
and have it all amount to nothing?
How can we see so much
Being blind?

(The piper toots the horn of sadness)

Each time its notes sound in my ear
My soul grows younger by 2000 years
The king stands tall and I behold
A green hill turned by sun to gold

A brick-built castle, straight ahead
With lofty windows stained in red
The flowers in the garden greet
The river swirling at its feet

The woman inside waits the while
Fair with dark eyes, in ancient style
I saw her once before  it seems
The memory of her fills my dreams

(Squawks of delirium)

Essential here, essential not
The words I'm saying add to rot
To touch you, reach you, grasp you here
I'll try again, I'll persevere