love poem from a woman to a man

ben goertzel

My round breasts
Press into the sand
On the beach of soul ocean

Sang I, warm, 
hungry ravenous
girl girl girl

I twitch, I'm wet
But my heart is thirsty
I'm empty, got nothing inside

I'm aching
Fill me up, fill me up now
Dissolve me, cover me
Hold me tight, supple and light
Turn me over,
So my buttocks make soul marks
On the sand
the sand

Salt air feeds desire
In me, lay on me,
In me, take me, take me,
Take, me, me, me, 
me, me, me

Fresh and wet now I come to you
Child of soul islands
You loved my skin 
like black volcanic sand
Love my hair
Like coconut fiber
Loved my big ass
Like rainforest mountains
Loved my lips
Like mangos and papayas
You took me home
And we dug up histories
Of shape and fire
I sung you songs
Of orange blossom moon 
New songs 
Round breasts pressed up 
soft on your chest,
I curled up in your morning