sweet child of light come to me

ben goertzel

Sweet child of light, come to me, embrace my illusions, 
caress with soft fingers my dreams and/or dreams!!!

I live alone in my garden of wonderful nonsense
no more,
Now you are here to embrace my illusions,
to sing them in harmony and disharmony,
to lick me like ice cream,
cradle me like an infant,
lean against me when tired
in soul or body

I sit,
alone in my garden of nonsense,
No more					
You hold out a flower, a huge radiant flower,
a flower as big as your head
and redder than the reddest rose
You hold it out to me and I take it
And this action affects the color of the sky 
the sky is no longer blue, 
it now has a tinge of wonderful lusty life redness

I sit, 
alone in my garden of nonsense
No more, no more
I finally have welcomed you in


	is it

		isn't it

		Shake me violently me 
		till my eyeballs fall out
		out and roll on the floor

						shortest path from here 
						here to there: delirium

			Species of love
			like contradictory comets
			swoop up and down
			through my brain

				Years before I met you I
				spied you sneaking 
				about in the labyrinthine 
				garden of horizons
				whose forks spear my history, 
				chew it for moments,
				swallow it, digest it, caress it with fingers of
				invisible lust,
				wonder why in all my 33 years of being
				something as fantastic as your 
				existence was never provided,
				the warm wicked glow of your 

		you are perfectly ordinary
		Simply a woman

			Ordinarily perfect
		Simply a human
		female of the species
		Breasts, legs, womb, eye, eye, smile, 
		acres of stomach
		latticework of hands
		touch my skin cells
		in patterns

						The quickening of my breath
						is entirely irrelevant
						Every molecule, enlivened,
						laughs and laughs
						and laughs

			words are speaking and hinting 
			at what
						Languages of your lips?
						Languages of your shrugging,
						slight movements here, 
						side to side,
						expanding in sightfuls,
						casually capture my life
						in a glance

		is it?				isn't it?

				it is, it is

			Deoxyribonucleic acid
			Dissolving and reforming in primordial 


I must have you, must possess you, must possess you, have you, 
own you, take you, make you, dream you, clench you, hold you, 
move you, merge with you, become you, inside you, outside you,
parallel, serial, invade all the pores of the pores of the pores of 
the pores of your skin

				oils, pheromones,
				the question expanding
				the question mark curving
				brown elegance of your back
					Your body swims in my eye
					My eye swims in your body
		Walk away from me, swaying
		The hour of love is over
		Walk away from me, speaking
		of meaningless objects
		Walk away from me, touching
		yourself to assure yourself of your reality
		Walk away from me, remembering
		is it					isn't it?
				isn't it?

					things are not things
  					love is not love
					knowledge is not knowledge

But you and I are here, you walk away and then return again, 
wonderful and terrifying and sometimes, sometimes almost