zombie love

ben goertzel

Falling in love
has been much praised
The pleasures of the early days
of romance:
Gazing in her eyes
for the first time
The first soft kiss
The feeling: can it be like this?
The wonder of the new, the rush
The heart that pounds, the cheeks that flush
Too little has been written of
the other phases of sweet love

I sing for you
the praise neglected
of love grown cold
and resurrected

In time love dwindles to indifference
without losing its core
The warmth is there, the family-feeling
the spark and thrill no more

And from indifference crawls out hatred 
You moan: can it go on like this?
begin to sleep apart at night
curse with the lips that used to kiss

The rage was always present
but it was balanced by the fire
The flaws one used to overlook
Now seem so fucking dire

How could this fucking bitch be
the one who last year dazed your heart?
Who seduced you with her hungry eyes
way, way back at the start
Exhausted you with lust,
Looked at you with such trust
Called you the center of her world
How could this damn bitch
Be that girl?

Love is dead
The story's over
Another romance
must be found 
But not for a long while,
there's too much bitterness around

Even strangling your sweetheart
May appeal in evil hours
This bitch who curses everything
You do, who has the power
With her stern glare to condemn you
How can she make her face so cold?
You see her standing on the stair
Body stiff, brain off somewhere
Looking so hard and so damn old

The only question really is
how quickly you can split
Escape now is the sole goal
From this dead love,
Drenched in shit

Friends and family call to tell you
They never liked her anyway
What does it matter?  Another morning
Another useless fucking day

But fans of horror movies know 
That death is never sure
The body lies beneath the ground
But it may move once more

The grave grows stifling and stuffy
The corpse begins to shake
Then rises up out from the earth
Another form to take

So Zombie Love emerges 
Love was dead 
Or was it not?
This evil bitch you hated
Once again spawns passion hot
At random she is glancing
With affection in her eye
She's standing wet
Fresh from the shower
Little droplets on her thigh
And you can't help it  you embrace her
All the words, the fits of spite,
the plans to move out
seem quite silly
-- Just another lovers' fight!

Negotiations follow
Words of anger, hard to swallow
Understanding's incomplete
Even partial, it's a feat
But there's real hope, and that's enough
To keep alive this zombie love

Friends and family can't believe it
"That bitch who caused you so much pain?
what the fuck?  You have to leave her
You've got a sickness in your brain
Also a weakness in your soul
Look out for yourself  take control."
And blah blah blah and yak yak yak
It doesn't matter  love is back

Or was it ever gone?  Not quite
It just was hiding in the night
Deeply obscured from conscious sight

The zombie takes a human form
It walks and laughs and dances
With an inner strength peculiar
It knows it had slim chances
Of surviving   But it's here!  It moves!
And somehow near as fresh
As it was way back
Way way way back
Before its grisly death

She's beautiful!  She's sweet!
And what a mind!
A gentle touch!
OK, she's got some flaws,
But this is the real world, after all,
How much
Can anyone really ask?
For sure I'm far from perfect too
Just hold me, squeeze me, honey 
I love you so --
Fuck all, who knew?

Can it be like this?  Can it really?
Can it be warm and sweet once more?
There's a blackness there, a sadness,
That was never there before

But there's a new depth 
Way back then, dear,
Our knowledge was so slight
Now we have seen each other whole:
Evil and giving, dark and light

So strange and beautiful it is
How a happy thing can fall

What rose may always die again
I see no guarantee
But here we are, woman and man
Ongoing: you and me