ben goertzel

I don't believe in gods or dreamgods wreaking love grace 
or  granting horror

I don't believe in churches stainglass windows cell by cell fashioned 
monks empty souls brains retarded

I don't believe in bloody jesucristo, staring pathetic down from 9 
billion paintings, pissing out spit in the same bulbous format, hanging 
down like a duck in the italian meat market, someone take him down and 
roast him now please

I don't believe he died for my sins

I don't believe in sins at all

I don't believe that whomever jesucristo was he is reasonably 
represented by these paintings that sicken the walls of churches and art 
museums in peru and elsewhere, fuck these flogged out asshole 
characters, they are not human, aren't compassion, aren't truth or power 
or love

I believe in Truth, the truth that is revealed as truth through its own
amazing combination of harmony procreation, chaos lust creativity 
magnetic attraction repulsion chance being becoming emerging, consuming
mathematical forms that fuck each other with abstract genitalia, red

I believe in Love of every variety,
		fatherly brotherly motherly and all
		literary shiterary
		man the humping guns and fart outrageous at the moment of
			passion plum
		lasting 50 years and passing a moment
		expression dementia praecox domination and lesser forms of
		causing my tongue to traipse wounds and all down and up the
			endless mountain passages of brown skin undulating and
			curling whipping, make me a slave of your nipple sun 
			baby, baby make me a slave of your sun
		obsessive crushes on movie stars and ordinary people
		fixations are individuals who could never return to you
		lock stock and orbit marriages endlessly churning with
			invisible inviscible love

I don't believe in fat Buddhas, eating too much damn slop from the piggy 
trough, fucking tight-buttocked 6 year olds on Sri-Lankan beaches, 
telling us void is the truth -- of course we knew that already asshole,
we don't need you to tell us that, that's there all the time in our
consensual consciousness, no fat person or language religion oxbreath
holds a license on absence, it's not even owned by the sun

10 billon Buddhas rain down from the sky landing on jesucristo, bouncing
off the wounds he so generously got for me, exploding in a calculus of
mutually psychopathic sadistic santa claus ho ho ho's

I won't even start on my buddy Mohammed,
I don't want a death threat on my head

I don't believe in sun gods, as wonderful as the sun is, quantum 
concentrate of meaning alone everlasting, collective source being
imaging pooled into gases -- make an insight then KILL it by
expressing it and that is the core of the sun -- no longer a vision
a death, no creativity, no beauty, just gas, just sphere gas, so fuck
you to hell

I don't believe in hell or heaven, obviously

I don't believe in rules imposed from the outside

I only believe in love and wonder

I only believe in discipline imposed from within
	by the emergent and fabulous dynamics 
	of the inner globe

I hold no hate for anyone --
	well, not in a lasting way

I believe in dark humor, violating whatever is, birthing bursting all
	boundaries, demonic obsession lust panther-death, antediluvian
	futures -- Creation and Destruction inseparable, love

I don't believe in marriages rubberstamped by states shits or saints,
	irrelevant to the swayings of the soul, only involuted marriages
	born of unity questing and emergent crazed sweet'n'sour 
	crosspollinations --

At the Museo d'Oro in Lima one observes bloodstained Indonesian swords
	with handles ornately sculpted in the shape of Avelokiteshvara,
	the Bodhisattva of Compassion

I don't believe Buddha would have liked that very much

Or maybe he's sitting in a polynesian brothel sipping apricot coladas,
	petting weevils and laughing at the world that's become

I believe in wild moments
		sweet moments

	looks through eyes
		and thighs 
		torn courage

I believe in vacations

I believe in meditation,
	but only when followed by multiple orgasms and 23
	minutes of watching the sun piss through tree branches

I believe the truth exists where it doesn't
	and private property that's everyone's


I believe in silence,
	when punctuated by ample noise

I believe in mathematics,
	the only real chapel,
	laminated with all human skin

I believe in having sex every day, at minimum
	four point two days a week, otherwise the meaning
	of the body is forgotten

I believe in sane madness,
	happy mediums,
	medium happiness

My religion is the left turn at the center of the inner eye, which
turns the shape of perfection into the pulsar egg of being wonder,
birthing intricate splendor and spastic, decreasing, spawning the fact
of the void and its opposite

Stare at the sun long enough -- convince yourself it's the sun god -- 
digest the entire of your life in a moment -- gulp it down, then reflect
like a mirror -- you'll find the mirror distorting -- this distortion
is the crux of weird love --

	Perfect symmetry does not exist
	Nontwisted love does not exist
	Enlightenment does not exist
	True religion does not exist -- the only exalted thing is
the moment -- the individual instant -- the divine spark sub-nanosecond
-- the fluid moment expanding in all directions like a self-absorbing
sponge -- the moment that pervades spades blades insinuates other 
moments, wrapping its legs around them and pumping or its brain's 
electric wires
	It's the twist that makes magic, the twist through love
dimensions, around its own throat choking iself into soft-bellied
keywords and infinitely gracious feral beyonds

I don't believe in sense or nonsense, it's all a matter of angle in
the collective mindspace -- i just believe in tinglespark of nerves --

I don't believe in putdowns but I deliver them constantly -- I don't
believe anything's bad, it's all universe breathing -- I don't believe
anything but what I believe in when it believe it and it's OK now

I believe in repetition

I believe in chaos, structure that emerges from chaos, chance vibrations
that thrust simultaneously panerotically and equilibriate lost souls

I believe in numbers and their tickling connectivity

I believe in words and their factors and vectors and dawns, their 
indivisible meanings, kissing each other infinitely in dreams or

I believe in surrealism miraculously moaning, walking barefoot in
snowdrifts, fondling the earth on my toes

I believe in you, honeycakes, fuckymuffin

I believe in the moment before X is verified, before religion concept
poem fact equation truth meaning, before being becoming, before even
before before -- X is breathing like consciousness -- X existing
in spaces alone and together, yours and not yours baby, mind and not

I believe not believing

I believe in streams -- streams of sperm
				streams of moon
				streams of urine
				streams of wordlight
				streams of idea
				streams of love
				streamss of time

I never believe more than 93.2%, that's the theoretical maximum --
always remember the cosmos may cease to exist at any instant, and any
mental idea made obsolete with just a blink of the sun

I believe in

	BOO! dism

-- scared the pants off you, didn't I?  but really life's more fun with 
no pants on, let me show you a few tricks I know --

I believe its all exactly zero, exactly nine and exactly one

I don't believe in gods or demigods or buddha or jesucristo, i believe
we all wreak grace and magic, we all generate horror, we all nipple
quark clitoris breathalogue womanman sparking beyond not beyond, we're
all antigods believing and not believing, and the fraction of our

I believe in the expression of divergent soulflowers

I believe the only sin is identifying sin -- the blamepointing finger
better used for erotic stimulation or pointing out wonder and love, 
tracing pictures in three or ten dimensional mud

I live up to my own bullshit
	and in this the universe & i
			are one

I don't believe in whatever you think I believe in

I don't believe in these words I'm saying -- they're already lost
moments -- as soon as you record it it's gone -- as soon as your
love is no longer love but belief or knowledge it is dead meat
motherfucker, it's the bodhisattva of compassion on the handle of
a sword, jesucristo looking dead sad and stupid on the walls of
hateful churchbuildings -- these words of mine are too close to
another religion -- really I wouldn't trust them at all --

I believe that deep down we love each other madly,
and I don't even know you at all