here here again

ben goertzel

Pacific movementation sweeping
dreams trumpeting landscapes
plants struggling breathing
sleep squashes squeals universe

universe fights back aloud

Bribe me with caresses where it counts by tens
Twists, buttocks in air under sheets,
	lip dropped in ardor --
Restrained: madness seeming
Lost: lust appearances
Tunnel crazy through quantum satin
thigh cheek friction, curtains of 
equations self-solving fervently maintaining
fluid motions, electrical gravity

Sense senselessness belief where it's
moving current whirling beneath
shards of meaning like self-
constructing robots marching toward 
probabilities home 
nipple suns

I am here: I am air shifting madness
I am here: I am breathing and breathing
I am here: booked on Continental Flight Infinity,
	undulating my summerwater lovebeast illusion,
	shaping and raging my fun

I am here, weaving words, singing nonsense, melodic
	confusions chaotizing gorgeously,
Here, in whatever space, loving whatever then, imagining
	virtual particleminds

here again
	stupor of significance

here again
cut me out loveshadows

here again
wrap me up facewindows

here here again
thrust brain