middle of nowhere

ben goertzel

Lima is not far enough
Cuzco is not far enough
Pisac, 3000 people, 2 restaurants, a plaza and trees between
	six mountains, is not far enough
Oyantallaytambo, halfopen eye of ancient empire, last inca village
	weeping skyshadows, train station peddlers vegetable streets,
	is not far enough
Huancallay, 40 hour truck ride further up and down mountains on
	dirt roads, half a hotel, 200 villagers, is not far enough
Vilcahambra, 4 days hike into the jungle, compass and pack animals,
	lost refuge of Manco the last inca, residues of souls resonating
	in my brain cavity, is not quite far enough yet, not that i
	actually went there, actually i stopped at oyantallaytambo

Far enough out that empty and solitary purpose where nothing but 
hellflowers and fertile wildness has ever existed, i sit and wait and wait for 
the moment.  in the summer perhaps i'll come back and perhaps i'll exist 
here again.