ben goertzel

0 is the absence of 1, 
	1 is the absence of 0
mountains define the valley,
	valleys define the mountain
her quietness defines my words,
	my words define her quietness
touch creates feeling,
	feeling creates touch

And out of 0 and 1 come numbers
And out of mountains and valley come landscape
And out of touch and feeling come skinshowers
And out of quietness and words comes what comes

And then, count 


frictional creation of splendors


invisible fingers of love nothingness


amazing feats of breath courage, forms spinning, combining, love tumbling from not Quechua vs. Spanish Man vs. woman Love vs. hate confusion vs. clarity stupidity vs. intelligence understanding vs. bafflement childhood vs. adulthood greed vs. compassion anger vs. calmness trees vs. shadows eleventeen vs. thirty-twelve penis vs. venus clitoral vs. littoral littoral vs. literal Goofy Sufi vs. Nudist Buddhist invisible fingers of love vs. illimitable hot pokers of raging doom never vs. always right now vs. wait for tonite honey no right NOW versus honey, please, wait for tonight teeth of delirium vs. delirium of teeth marketing slogans vs. joints thick as hot dogs Long Dong Silver versus the French Corkscrew Twist Me vs. you vs. me vs. you vs. me vs. you vs. me vs. you again Imagination vs. reality imagination building reality vs. reality building imagination nothing vs. something nothing breeding something vs. something spawning nothing nothing breeding something that spawns nothing vs. something, and on and on the universe emerges vs. what? me vs. myself me vs. myself again me vs. myself, in a minor key, with pentatonic variations me vs. myself lusting for you versus yourself me versus myself lusting for her vs. herself her winking at me elaborately in the inverted self of the sea she winks at me seductively vs. i just imagine it whom i want vs. who wants me what i want vs. why i want how i want who i want vs. why i want what i want Dialectics vs. livalectics Long lists vs. short sequences Writing long lists while sitting on the toilet crapping in Aguas Calientes versus being a normal person Being normal vs. drinking divine shadow light Vibrating vs. undulating expressing vs. impressing outrospection vs. introjection surrealism vs. Sir Realism Silliness vs. 49 minutes of amazing tingling 4play and 33 minutes of impossible fuck pornography vs. stenography Calligraphing runes on your back with my tongue versus tattooing nothing vs. smearing my shit on the wall in the shapes of ninja hamsters vs. vs. versus this vs. this ending vs. starting this vs. shit again Making a serious point about the interdefinition of opposites, its role in the emergence of the universe from the void and its tendency to spark the formation of new structures on an ongoing ancillary basis as somewhat awkwardly recognized in hegelian philosophy versus emulating the cosmos itself in its infinite scribbling absurdity and interpenetration of serious truthsomethings with ubject ridiculousness and dancing on the fractal butcher knife edge of sweet and sour reason Delicious zeros vs. mathematical fragments Delirium vs. delirium In vs. out vs. in vs. out vs. in vs. out again I think I'm done shitting now End vs. end


sanity vs. madness sex vs. core dull contentment vs. exciting irritation garden of nonsense vs. orchard of harmony Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleeding vs. ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind Success vs. failure Success as judged by my present self vs. succes as judged by my future self who will be reading these words one day and crying or laughing or bored Success as judged by me vs. success as judged by you vs. success as judged by the Guardians of Culture (whomever those are or aren't) Success as judged by O.J. Simpson's fifteenth genital wart from the left Peru vs. US Hot springs vs. cold winters Love vs. love again titties vs. ass crackers Poetry vs. poetry vs. this