ben goertzel

	What is love?
	What is courage?
	What is disease?
	What is strength?
	What is it called when you grimace at the wall during sex,
annoyed by other or something concept, then stick your tongue out 
imagining you're a lizard breathing purple fire into the hearts of all
the people in the universe, are ensuingly filled with an amazing passion
that threatens to make your whole body implode?
	What is annihilation?
	What's it called when you burn hundreds of thousands of man-hours
piecing together stones without metal tools into vast city-complexes on 
the peaks of pencilpoint mountains, oriented toward sunglory, produced 
by surplus labor enabled by efficient terraced agriculture, sculpted by
the trembling Mandelbrot contours of dark-skinned collective unconscious
delirium, wake-up time, infinite fascism melting love, seek salvation or 
I'll kill you, seek salvation MY way or I'll kill you, I'm the Inca, I'm
the Big Man, I'm the motherfucking son of the Sun!
	What is beauty?
	What is hate?
	What is knowledge?
	What is magic?
	What are illusions?
	What are dreams?
	Why did I come on this vacation; why didn't I go to Club Med
Bulgaria instead?
	Why does my older son care how many days 15 billion 
nanoseconds is?
	Why is he obsessed with killing?
	Why does his little brother whine so much and read so well?
	Why did dung beetles evolve so as to be unable to right themselves 
when they're lying on their backs?	
	Why does my daughter count 1, 2, 3, 8?
	Why does romance always fade, replaced by dozens of curry spiced
versions of love, indifference, hate
	Why do women obsess me?  Is obsession a woman?
	Why is it important to build an intelligent computer program? 
What problems will this solve for me?
	What is intelligence?
	What is perfection?
	What is love?  What is love?

	Why am I so terrifyingly curious?
	Why is my lower jaw off at an angle to the upper one?
	Why aren't I really good-looking?
	Why aren't I really ugly?
	Why am I so truly fucking brilliant?
	Why am I impelled to solve the hardest puzzles such as the nature
of mind the unification of physics the direct expression of the flow of
human awareness in words, whereas simpler problems such as the chemical
composition of spit the prediction of the footsie the optimal technique
for teaching subtraction to fifteen year old retards the four 
dimensional trajectory traced out by a woman's buttocks during orgasm,
somehow fail to transform me into a fragment of undulating phosphor, 
scratching the queries on the ass, gnawing out answers on the inside 
surface of the sun which the Inca with all his sunliness is next to 
godliness never managed to fathom because he didn't know obsession is a 
	Why do I think such weird thoughts?
	Why do sleep marks stay on my legs for two to three hours after I
wake up sometimes?
	Why does my younger son say he wants to spank his privates to death?  
	This doesn't sound healthy at all.
	Why do I exist?

	Why, if I am perfect, do I appear so imperfect from the outside?

	Why are these words these words?

	Why indeed, on, sitting beneath

	why together, when once apart; why apart when once together?

	why void awakens, when nothing's better

	why meremost minimum

	question in question

	Why on and on, where skulls and shadows of skulls and dancing to 
long songs of sexual longing
	Why ruination of love everlasting, why death of being, symbolism
of moments, jugo de terror, never enough, never again
	Why terrifying instantaneous, fearing and forming that this like 
this might always or never end
	why this?  why this at all?
	If this or that must be, why not that indeed
	Why this or that at all?
	Baby doll, why not nothingness?

	Human a grammar.  Questionnaire in question.  Oh.  On.  Nohow, 
nohow on.
	Why moaning, trembling, panting, little death, big death,
existence reduced to basic elements, periodic table of hellish
existence tiding landscapes of imaginary eyes
	Why education?
	Why ignorance?
	Why motherfucking lies?
	Why sense?  Why not?  Why nonsense?
	Why fact?  Why supposition?  Why intuition verus extuition? 
	Why blood munching death?
	Dionyseashore deaditations on the bridalwave of life
	Self-subverting explosions and pulsing red love
	Why strange expressions?
	Baby baby -- why? why naught?