ben goertzel

Because you, core tenet of my inner laser luminance, 
suck fat weenies like persimmon livers

	Because the gorgeously catenary curve of her mesozoic hip
	varies based on the intricate balance between passion reason
	delirium in the infinite cage of her death

		Because my razor-filed teeth lick as antelope tumble

Because a lie, at the proper moment, brought the universe into existence

	Because the void lied to itself that difference
	wouldn't make any difference

		Because information 
		is a difference 
		that makes a difference

			Because the world is made of information

BECAUSE the sun is there, it's real, unlike the totally fictitious gods
of many other religions -- Bravo to the Incas!

Because the vaginal walls of the sun are known to me only, the vaginal 
walls of transcendent nonsense gardens of terrifying animal bliss

Because I am WAY out there baby, WAY out there, staring up at the sungod 
feeling totally psycho, and I'm REALLY FUCKING ENJOYING IT!

		Because loose lips sink ships, 
		explaining why the Incas only used virgins 
		to sacrifice to the sungod...

	But wait! there are more direct reasons than that -- arranged
			orderly like soldiers 
			perpetually alphabetizing --

19.	On
20.	Nohow on
21.	Love


1,000,327.	Ben Goertzel awakens


3,425,631.	Ben Goertzel age 7 realizes he never awakened at all and the 
	universe is a delirium in a nonexistent mind


5,355,738.	Ben Goertzel age 10 annihilates himself in his backyard 
	by staring for 373 seconds at an ordinary black ant engaged in 
	walking around in circles


9,731,255.	Ben Goertzel age 17 invents surrealism, writing page after
	page of nonsensical proseflowers about transcendental alligators
	and et cet


9,973,561.	Ben Goertzel still 17 receives a 9-dimensional blueprint
	describing the structure and dynamics of the universe, directly
	from the Creator.  He is absorbed into a cosmococcic vortex
	and a clone of Ben is emitted, taking his place in the world.


15,324,100.  In a New Zealand rainforest, a drop of rain enchanted with
	fairy farts fall onto clone Ben (age 29) 's eye tooth, causing him 
	to be transformed into a kind of Satanic angel, with sense organs 
	embedded in each of his component particles, and a new kind of
	taste bud on his tongue useful only for sensing emergent
	combinations of lust rage death and black hole courage


19,253,170.   In an Aguas Calientes hot pool, the real Ben is swapped
	with the clone again ; the true cause of 	everything is revealed
	to him at long last, while he recovers from the travails of a 
	quasispiritual quasimountaineering expedition up the back end of 
	Huayna Picchu.  He smiles and winks at himself, realizing that the 
	true answer to all his question is: