ridiculous scene #429

ben goertzel

big-toothed peruvian
sees my 10 year old crying and
whining because the rest of us won't
follow him to the top of the mountain above
the ruins of Pisac, and laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs
at the look on my son's face
which is indeed quite ridiculous
his girlfriend scolds him in spanish and pretends to
choke him, i spend the next 20 minutes playing house in an inca room
with my 2 year old daughter pretending she's at home watching
Barney on TV

i pass by Bigtooth again later and point at him and laugh
unrestrained and toothily and he and his girlfriends and his friends
and my family all laugh laugh and laugh

(and the incas, poor motherfuckers 
underneath our sneakered
are stuck singing the song of the dead