ben goertzel

of structures						the interior
purpose forgotten					of my mind
stones fit together					is a ruin
insane precision					the exterior
nowhere gods alive or un				of my mind
dead							does not exist

			nothing sun

Fortresses?			(to create thinking machines out of stone, no 
				mortar, surreal joining angles, intelligence
				provided through solar interference and 
				pornographic Bose-Einstein effects, lace under
				garments, smiles of disaster be longing)

Brothels?						Ideas concepts structures
Mausoleums?						undefined self-defining 							purposes

					(to build love true and trust 
					with the assistance of internal

							Why do these twists
Tens of thousands of people				lusts blinks longings 
did what here						ambitions 
appear to exist						exist at all?
or what?								

			(climb the peak of this ruin, leap up
			fly skyward)

					Reptile urges
					race memories

		(visit every nation of the world, but the undiscovered
		country is inside the brain-nipple eggshell, or moving
		from me to you as we simultaneously awaken and fall asleep,
		touching with fingers of blood, laughing with calloused 
		toeshapes, understanding each other better with a distance 
		of a thousand years)

	Stupid people
	sacrificing llamas
	to nonexistent gods			Working 12 hours daily
						in quest of goals destined to
(to recapture					unsatisfy
the idiot wisdom of
a child)

		My mind was once
		a powerful civilization
		incorporating half the atoms
		on the Earth

		Using secret mathematics
		we constructed magic calendars
		the shadow movements of the soul

		I can no longer recall the carvings
		i made in the walls of my imagination
		that golden language is gone,
		gone, gone