temporary rebirth of the sun god in my subjectival cosmosphere

ben goertzel

round bright

back of mind, top of sky
skin of meaning

in and out of reality,
rhythmic pulsing,
music the madness the mind

God, no					Sun, physical entity,
God, yes					surreal ball of whorling fire gas

					Sun, projection of collective
						unconsciousness, center of
						overmind, wonderbeing, formed
						from love

We make everything: so
		we make the sun

The sun is only as real as
		we make it

The world is as it is and
		it is as we make it

What one mind dreams is a dream
What many minds dream is reality

				What kind of space are
				these words floating in?

The universal inner image of creation beauty light, wonder, source
being, projected outward, transformed through nonlocal quantum magic,
into the quizzical quasi particulate waveform configuration
conglomeration madness we call the actual world, manifests itself as
the solar sphere

Those Incas barefoot sundrunk shortstatured weren't so bloody
fucking dumb after all

9,048,273.	Ben Goertzel is reborn as a modern-day sunworshipper.
	Looks out the hotel window, past mountains and endless Inca
	ruins, and thrills to the core with divine yellow craziness.

9,048,274.	The moment fades.  But it was amusing enough!

			It will always be somewhere