you & me madness

ben goertzel

17 years
	of pure you & me madness

2 spheres each perfect 
	in their own right
orbiting each other chaotically
occasionally interpenetrating
sometimes barely comprehending
sometimes not
	comprehending at all

Open totally for the thousandth time,
	forget it always ends in sadness
		it's not the sadness that's important,
			it's the moment inbetween, reproducing like bacteria, 
				stretching out
				days minutes hours
				terraces of terror, exaltation
				screaming, nothing sun

I believe in this madness
	without destination
this you & me madness
	always on the point of bursting

Nagging, henpecking, melting, insulting, caressing, heckling, fucking,
laughing, talking, magnifying, mystifying, spawning children, loving,
ignoring, driving crazy, warping, on and nohow on

2 spheres
2 dreams
2 silences working
exploding always
exodus fragile
laugh crashing singing along

you feel
the texture of our silence
we battle love breathe touch 
please hate speak co-exist,
another year goes on