Welcome to the Internet home for all things Benjamin Nathaniel Goertzel....  You'll find here:

  • information on my books and papers on AI, cognitive science, bioinformatics and other areas

  • speculations on a variety of futuristic and philosophical topics

  • some fairly ancient attempts at fiction

  • a few requisite family photos

  • et cetera


To contact me,  the best method is email: 

ben AT goertzel DOT org 

SURFER BEWARE: This site has been around since 1995 (virtually the dawn of the Web), and it's quite infrequently and unsystematically updated, so don't assume anything on here is current.  (Frankly, the site is a bit of a mess, but I don't anticipate having time to clean it up anytime soon.  If I ever get rich enough to hire a personal assistant, cleaning up this site will go on their task list!)