Call for Papers


for the volume


Real AI

New Approaches to Artificial General Intelligence


edited by Ben Goertzel and Cassio Pennachin




We are seeking a handful of  articles describing original approaches to engineering general-purpose artificial intelligence systems, to serve as chapters in an edited volume. 


More explicitly, we are seeking papers that:


  1. Outline a conceptual approach to achieving general-purpose digital intelligence, i.e. intelligence not focused narrowly on one specific type of task (game playing, data mining, robot control, theorem proving, etc.)
  2. Explicitly discuss how to practically implement the outlined conceptual approach, in a manner that can plausibly be carried out using contemporary hardware technology or carefully-described extensions to contemporary hardware technology


We are somewhat flexible as regards chapter length; we expect that 15-50 pages (where roughly 400 words constitutes a page) will be the normal length range.


The current draft of the prospectus for the book can be found here.   This includes the current table of contents, which comprises 2 introductory chapters, 1 concluding chapter, and 12 chapters already committed describing particular approaches to Artificial General Intelligence.  Abstracts for these chapters are also included therein.


The intended audience for the book is described in the prospectus.  Briefly, the level of exposition of the contributed chapters should be “moderately but not severely technical.”


Abstracts for proposed chapters are due by Jan. 15, 2001


Manuscripts, for approved abstracts, are due by March 15, 2001


Abstracts may be submitted in LaTeX, ASCII, HTML or MS-Word format.  They will be reviewed promptly.   Submissions should be e-mailed to


Our preferred format for manuscript submission is LaTeX.  Exceptions to this will be made on an individual basis, if there are authors with valuable contributions who are not comfortable with LaTeX.   However, since we will be converting non-LaTeX manuscripts to LaTeX largely by hand, we will not accept submissions that make elaborate usage of features of non-LaTeX word processing programs.


We anticipate a late Fall 2002 publication date for the volume.  Correspondence with several potential publishers has been initiated, and although we have not yet made a final decision as to which publisher to use, no difficulties in achieving publication with an appropriate press are anticipated.