part three

Welcome to my zerg strategy  page


!!!!|||||I highly advise you not to rush||||!!!!



First if you want to know how to rush I can tell you but it is not my way of playing



A) heres some problems….





First  if you fail to rush after the rush the other player can sometimes attack you and you loose….


B) How to rush


You make a drone send your 4 drones to collect minerals once you have 6 drones make a spawning pool then make as much drones as you can then get 1 or 2 overlords then constantly make zerglings constantly send them to the enemies base BUT FIRST SEND A GROUP OF SIX  then constantly send all units you get when you get them if the enemy has a good defense fast to kill rushers then stop and make hydralisks and carry on with my other strategies if there is more than 1 enemy players then stop once you wont be stopped and continue with another strategy of mine!!!!


2.anti rushing




Fast enough rushes can still kill you.


I suggest this as the start of any strategy

But you still need fast spawning pool so start the same as the other strategy


While your getting a spawning pool then make more drones no more overlords!!!!

Then make many creep colonies in a way so that there is not a way to sneak past them

Put the spawning pool in front of them once complete make overlords and  turn the ones behind th spawning pool into creep colonies then you  can rush after this but it is harder to make a good one otherwise turn the ones next to the spawning pool into spore colonies after making an evolution chamber you can rush the rusher.


But remember units and offence is your main goal and defense.

This is the start of a main game.






3.the basic strategy

I play using this strategy



A) Start with the anti rush strategy then make 2 more evolution chambers then make 3 overlords then 6 zerglings send those out to search for all signs of enemy


Make more to search leave these at all locations of minerals to know when a enemy i is there then make 2 hatcheries in that base blocking the main way in. then start going mass hydralisks constantly making them at those hatcheries only. Then inside send some hydralisks in there to protect from air rushing. Then make spore colonies around the base if there is a water or space there otherwise sunken colonies. Then you’d of had to make extractors use all of them with three per one you should have 50 drones by now.


B) Now its time to think big and expand to another base area.

Send 10 drones and large amount of hydralisks to another base area.

Start by making 2 hatcheries filling one or two vespene geezers (I might of spelled that wrong) make sure the enemy hasn’t surrounded you. Then start another base like the first one. Then make all the buildings you can 1 in each base keep expanding like this make 1 of each building in each base. Then make some of each unit until you have as big of a attack as possible then pinpoint the enemy locations and plan to kill them like attack there by ground and on the sides by air and send in overlords carrying drones to start a base in there and maybe don’t kill them totally just let them live there killing what they make or keep them as a hostage or force them to alli you if they are computer then kill them.



Strategies by zar maker of the site


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