welcome to my protoss page

protoss are strong but slow as zerg is fast but week

here is a list of some units


expensive  3 times stronger than marines 

4 times stronger than zerglings.

zealots destroy zerglings, marines in seconds

with out trouble. but air kills them in seconds.


are slow can attack good at attacking air

they attack slowly.

30 zerglings will kill 12 dragoons in seconds

no trouble. but do 20 damage with heavy



even though they us scarabs that

do high damage but cost money to make

they can destroy all defensive buildings easily.

and have high health.

and slow

scarabs do 100 damage

high templar

have no hand to hand combat

these cool units use weird powers to 

kill the enemy.they can kill many zerglings 

in one.

dark templar

these units are always cloaked.

they do 40 damge and have 120 hit points

will defeat any ground units in seconds.


the unit you get from to high templars 

combining. can attack ground & air

with devastating power will kill air easily.

dark archon

easy to kill.

with only only tricks to help it

guard them well!!!

there mind control can let you 

use zerg,protoss & terran all for a maximum

attack if you have alot of minerals.


just like scv's except they have 20 sheilds

and 20 hit points. they can also build somethig

and leave.


dont use scouts to search around the

map.  use them to attack in small groups to distract 

the enemy.or make a fleet of like 30 or more and 

it is an devastating power that is almost unstoppable.


use these to search the map not scouts.

don't make these horrible units they are cheep fast and

horrible .


a easy to kill fast spy unit be carful.


use these to carry into enemy basses with guards.


are able to cloak all units around them but not them.


be careful these  units are good strong and expensive. watch out they can be killed from a few battlecruisers or 6 scourges.

build these in groups of twelve  with 12 scouts and 3 arbiters.


also make                     



many like guard all your units with other units and make at least 1 of each unit!!!!

i cannot let protoss loose  to any team!!!!

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