welcome to my terran page


terran is strong and fast its in the middle of everything 

here's a list of some units


light armor

40 hit points

ground/air attack 6

attack range 4

50 minerals needed to make


light armor

50 hit points

ground attack 16

no air attack

25 gas & 50 minerals needed


light armor 

60 hit points

no attack just heals blinds and recover attacks like plauge.

25 gas & 50 minerals


light armor

45 hit points

ground/air attack 10 damage

attack range 6

75 gas & 25 minerals


heavy armor

125 hit points

ground attack 12

air attack 20 

50 gas & 100 minerals


light armor

60 hit points

grond attack 5 

no air attack

attack range 1

50 minerals

siege tank

heavy armor

150 hit points

no air attack

ground attack 30 for tank mode

ground attack 70 for siege mode

100 gas & 150 minerals


medium armor

80 hit points

ground attack 20

no air attack

attack range 5

and thats all for the ground units]

sorry but air units are sort of like giant super strong ground units

guard all units with other units make at least 3 of all units!!!!

i cannot let a terran player use!!!!




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