Some long words made up by zar


This means to KILL SOMETHING BY DEFENESTRATING IT THEN decerebrating it.  

2. Wattvanhattarisadoper

A good kind of light bulb that will never go out unless it is broken by something.

3. Copetistaritationfloxerdappaser

A strange thing that cleans your teeth for you so.

4. Afessadoopessflaxawaxoperrsodofinocation

The name meaning he will die at the age of 43.

5. Cofixationichessaridedertactionsupazifixvurtomasopover

A kind of food made with poisons.

6. Coperactionafoxipaxas

Something that poops food for a human and eats poop.

7. Sovesssappooness

A kind of silverware that picks up food and puts it in your mouth.

8. Yussaponifacoonication

A kind of star that is purple and explodes in 43 minute after it is made.


A small kind of robot that will do all your work for you.


a evil Sovesssappooness.

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