welcome to part 2 of my zerg page


another unique unit you get from morphing a hydralisk into it.


a unit that will destroy a zergling one slice

and a hydralisk in 2 hits.


a unit that has extremly good techniques

with high energy.


a unit that can infest a command center if badly damaged to make infested terran. in the red zone.


does a high amount of damage can destroy missile turrets, spore colonies and protoss cannons.


a air unit that can only attack ground units and air units and morphs into the gurdian and devourer only air or only ground units.

infested terran

a unit you get from infesting a command center.

a highly powerful non air attacking kamikaze unit.


a unit that wipes all air out in less than a second.


a strong air unit that can attack air and ground.


a unit that has 25 health does 125 damge to any unit.


make at least five of all units guard units with other units!!!!

i cannot let a zerg player loose!!!!

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