welcome to my zerg page

zerg are good inswarms of many with many different units.


infested terrens attack is 500 they can only attack ground

you get a queen damage a camand center

a strategy 



if u are playing against a computer player that is protoss and does not have cannons then.

 make zerglings   constantly and fast keep a non stop throw  of zerglings dashing into the enemies base  while doing that make defence and expand making more bases incase there are more players or so you can send more and more in at a time in till the enemy computer player is killed because there units are so slow to make and expensive so you can makee 6 when they make 1 or 2 to knock them out.


the larvae the small unit that are always crawling around your hatchery or a morph of a hatchery.

a question. why cant you morph a larvae into anything right when you want to in the start?

a answer. because you need to make certain buildings first.  

use these to make drones in the start.

hint: make defense before offense.

broodling you get this unique unit when you use a queens spawn broodling on a non mechanicle unit. 


just like all units drones get health after a small aount of time they get 1 restored.

drones are used for making buildings example a drone turns into a   

spawning pool for 150 minerals.


small do as much damage as a drone witch is 5 but the faster they move the better they are 

they do damage much more rapidly.

they can wipe out buildings in seconds.


are bigger slower fatter stronger than zerglings they do 10 damage.

they are good for making blockades that cant be taken down easily

and rip apart air in seconds. 


a unit that has 3 uses but air can slip in and kill it.

1 use the same as protoss pylons and terran supply depots that moves in the air.

second use detecting units.

3rd use carrying units as a transport.


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