Nonfiction Books

All my books are available for purchase via (or other online retailers), just go to and search for "Ben Goertzel".  I'm sorry some of the prices are so high; those decisions are made by the publishers, not me.

Recent Books

  • Probabilistic Logic Networks, 2008, Springer; by Ben Goertzel, Matt Ikle, Izabela Freire Goertzel and Ari Heljakka
  • Proceedings of the Second Conference In Artificial General Intelligence, 2009, Atlantis Press; edited by Ben Goertzel, Pascal Hitzler and Marcus Hutter
  • Proceedings of the First Conference In Artificial General Intelligence, 2008, IOS Press; edited by Stan Franklin, Ben Goertzel and Pei Wang
  • Advances in Artificial General Intelligence, 2007, IOS Press; edited by Ben Goertzel and Pei Wang
  • The Hidden Pattern, 2006, BrownWalker Press
  • Artificial General Intelligence, 2006, Springer-Verlag; edited by Ben Goertzel and Cassio Pennachin (an outdated prospectus is here)
  • The Path to Posthumanity, 2006, Academica; coauthored with Stephan Vladimir Bugaj

Prior Published Books

  • The Structure of Intelligence, 1993, Springer-Verlag (some HTML files from a non-final draft are here)
  • The Evolving Mind, 1993, Gordon and Breach (some HTML files from a non-final draft are here)
  • Chaotic Logic, 1994, Plenum (some HTML files from a non-final draft are here)
  • Linus Pauling: A Life in Science and Politics, 1995, Basic Books; by Ted, Ben, Mildred and Victor Goertzel
  • From Complexity to Creativity, 1997, Plenum (some HTML files from a non-final draft are here)
  • Creating Internet Intelligence, 2001, Plenum
  • Mind in Time, 2003, Hampden Press (a compendium of papers from Dynamical Psychology, edited by Allan Combs, Mark Germine and Ben Goertzel)

Non-fiction Books in Progress

  • Proceedings of the 2006 AGI Workshop, to appear by IOS Press, co-edited with Pei Wang
  • Probabilistic Term Logic; a math book by Ben Goertzel, Matthew Ikle', Ari Heljakka and Izabela Goertzel
  • The Web of Pattern (a sequel of sorts to The Hidden Pattern, growing out of the Mind Ontology on the site)

These three manuscripts are the result of a trifurcation of a "monster manuscript" that I was working on for a long time, and was originally thinking of as a single book -- the first version of the monster was called Digital Intuition, and a later version was called "The Novamente Book."  But there was too much for one book; it works better as three.

Unpublished Manuscripts

These are book manuscripts that I wrote but never tried to publish because I was never quite happy enough with them. 

First, Unification....  A lot of this stuff made its way into The Hidden Pattern, but there is still some other good stuff in this manuscript -- some deep ideas that I haven't written up anywhere else -- but there's also more than the usual amount of crap, so it needs a serious rewrite, which I haven't found time for.   But it's here online if you want to wade through it!

Next, this was an attempt at a hybrid popular-science-exposition/sci-fi-novel, in dialogue form.  With a bit of cleaning up, it could probably be made pretty good.