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Note: The early contents of DynaPsyc (1994 through early 1997) were published in book form, by Hampton Press. The title is Mind in Time: the Dynamics of Thought, Reality and Consciousness, co-edited by Allan Combs, Ben Goertzel and Mark Germine.


A New Physical Theory of Precognition

David Chik

The Holographic Principle in Biological Development and Quantum Physics

Stephen Wood


The Holographic Principle Theory of Mind

Mark Germine

Mirror Neurons, Mirrorhouses, and the Algebraic Structure of the Self

Ben Goertzel

An Exploration of Core Power of Thought Concepts in Relation to Theories Involving Quantum Mechanics
Jeffery A. Martin



A System-Theoretic Analysis of Focused Cognition, and its Implications for the Emergence of Self and Attention

Ben Goertzel

A Meta-Analysis of Meaning

Neil Alan Soggie

Nonphysical Causation: A Proposed Mechanism for the Efficacy of Consciousness

Rick Lucido

The Sequence of Archetypes in Individuation

James Whitlark

Psychometric Description of the True Compatibility Test – A Proprietary System for Online Matchmaking

Rense Lang, Ilona Jerabek, James Houran

The Dreaming Glasses

R. Ernesto Blanco

Continual-Activation Theory of Dreaming

Jie Zhang

Continual-Activation Theory of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Jie Zhang

Continual-Activation Theory of Schizophrenia and Restless Legs Syndrome

Jie Zhang


On Biological and Digital Intelligence: A Reaction to Jeff Hawkins’ Book “On Intelligence”

* Postscript:  Recognizing Visual Invariants using Evolutionary and  Inferential Pattern Mining on Temporal Data

Ben Goertzel


Autobiographical Memory Bump: A Dynamic Lifespan Model

Johannes J.F. Schroots and Cor van Dijkum

Essay -- The Archetypes of the Female and the Shadow in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”

Mark Germine

Is Autism Statistically Linked to Early Non-Maternal Child Care?

Maxson McDowell


Special Section: Pattern Theory, Philosophy of Mind, and AI Psychology

Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel

* Postcript: Defining Growth, Joy and Choice

Ben Goertzel              



The One Mind Model: Virtual Brain States and Nonlocality of the ERP

Mark Germine

Mindplexes: The Potential Emergence of Multiple Levels of Focused Consciousness in Communities of AI’s and Humans

Ben Goertzel

Toward Virtually Embodied AI: Embedding Novamente in a Simulated World.

(see also some more recent, informal notes on the same theme)

Ben Goertzel & Cassio Pennachin

Hebbian Logic Networks: The Emergence of Probabilistic Logic from Formal Neural Networks

Ben Goertzel

The Conscious Internet: An Empirical Study of the Transmission of Healing Energy via E-mail

Francesca McCartney

Emotional Capacities and Sensitivity in Psychopaths

Willem H. J. Martens

The Intrapsychic Mechanism of Creativity and Associated Remission in Psychopaths and Antisocial Personalities

Willem H. J. Martens

Parallels between Kelly's Theory of Personal Construct and Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity: a Psychophysics Approach

Shirin Haque

A Flow Theory of Behaviour Dynamics

Glen David Rutherford



Fractal Dynamics of the Psyche

Terry Marks-Tarlow

On Dynamics of Affective Liquids

Andrew Adamatsky

Understanding the Evolution of Categorization : An Interdisciplinary Approach

I. Saillot, M. Patou-Mathis

Motion Control and Consciousness

Tom Mongan

The Observer in the Observed: Fractal Dynamics of Re-Entry

Terry Marks-Tarlow

Thoughts on AI Morality
Ben Goertzel

Book Review -- A New Kind of Science, by Stephen Wolfram
Ben Goertzel

Book Review -- Religion Explained, by Pascal Boyer
Ben Goertzel



Brains, Bodies, Bifurcations and Attractors: Chaos Rules in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Elizabeth Warfel

Machines as Part of Human Consciousness and Culture

Timo Jarvilehto

Commentary on “Machines as Part of Human Consciousness and Culture” by Timo Jarvilehto

Ben Goertzel

Future Psychological Evolution

John Stewart

What Precognitive Dreams are Made of: The Nonlinear Dynamics of Tolerance of Ambiguity, Dream Recall, and Paranormal Belief
Rense Lange, Michael Schredl, James Houran
The Dynamics of Consciousness in the Webmind AI System
Ben Goertzel


To Imitate is Human -- Review of The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore
Liane Gabora
The Spirit of Complexity
Chris Lucas
The Sameness of Difference: Self-Organisation and the Evolution of Counselling Theory
Edward N. Drodge
Delay Vectors as Perceptual Chunks: Understanding Nonlinear Time Series Analysis as Self-Organizing Cognition
Ben Goertzel
Essay -- Being, Consciousness and Everything
John Richardson
Chaos Shadow Theory
James Lindner
On a Relation Between Inner Speech and Self-Awareness: Additional Evidence from Brain Studies
Alain Morin


On the Quantum Psychodynamics of Dreams
Mark Germine
Teenage Violence: Pharmacological and Psychological Perspectives
Mark Germine
Experimental Model for the Collapse of the Quantum Wavefunction
Mark Germine
Hallucinations and Reality Discrimination: Rethinking the Illusion of Reality
Ben Goertzel
Schizophrenia and the Family II: Paradox and Absurdity in Human Communication Reconsidered
Matthijs Koopmans


On Quantum Mechanics and the Implicate Order: An Interview with Dr. Basil J. Hiley
Mitja Perus
Postsupposition and Pastiche Talk: Mediating Order in Chaos and Language
Thor May
Computer Viruses and the Human Mind
Robin Robertson
Consciousness: network-dynamical, informational and phenomenal aspects
Mitja Perus
Evolutionary Quantum Computation: Its Role in the Brain, Its Realization in Electronic Hardware, and Its Implications for the Panpsychic Theory of Consciousness
Ben Goertzel
Schizophrenia and the Family: Double Bind Theory Revisited
Matthijs Koopmans

Special Section: Texts Written for the Mind in Time Book


Bifurcations & Self-Organization: Dynamical Extensions of Neurological Positivism and Ecological Psychology
Fred Abraham
On the Formal Structure of Dialectical Psychology
William Hoffman
Book Review -- Jung, Godel and the History of Archetypes, by Robin Robertson
Charles R. Card
On the Algebraic Structure of Consciousness
Ben Goertzel
Essay -- Consciousness as a System Near the Edge of Chaos
Allan Combs
Book Review -- Radiance of Being: Complexity, Chaos and the Evolution of Consciousness, by Allan Combs. Also see the Radiance of Being Website
Ben Goertzel
Number as Archetype
Robin Robertson
The Emergence of Archetypes in Present-Day Science, And Its Significance for a Contemporary Philosophy of Nature
Charles Card

Special Section on Psi Phenomena



(from the paper journal PsychoScience)

Soma-Significance: A New Notion of the Relationship Between the Physical and the Mental
David Bohm
A Chaos Model of the Brain Applied to EMDR
Garry A. Flint
Implications of Microgenesis for a Science and Philosophy of Mind
Jason Brown
Consciousness: Chaotic and Strangely Attractive
Allan Combs
Chance and Consciousness
Ben Goertzel
Essay -- Why Time Moves Forward
Mark Germine
Essay -- The Quantum Metaphysics of David Bohm
T. Germine
Essay -- Psychic Mutation and World Peace
Vimala Thakar



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