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Glocal Memory: A New Perspective on Knowledge Representation, Neurodynamics, Distributed Cognition, and the Nature of Mind

Ben Goertzel

November 2008

We describe a novel conceptual and formal model of memory structure that combines key aspects of global and local knowledge representation. Applications of this "glocal memory" model to artificial general intelligence are discussed, in the context of the Novamente Cognition Engine and OpenCog software systems, and simpler prototype systems constituting "glocal Hopfield nets." Building on recent results regarding visual memory derived from single-neuron recordings, an hypothesis is made regarding how some instances of glocal memory might be achieved in the human brain. It is also argued that glocal memory models the concept of "distributed cognition" according to which an individual human mind is both localized in a brain and distributed through a network of interactions with tools and other embodied minds.

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