Family (More Pictures)


The photos on this page are waaaay out of date, dating back to 2004 or so; but I haven't bothered to update or delete the page yet ...
for a more current and extensive photo album, see my Picasa page

Scheherazade Okilani Nastasya Goertzel

aka "Zadi", aka "Bunchkin" 

born April 16, 1997

An out-of-date Bunchkin story page is here

Zebulon Ulysses Goertzel

aka "the Amazing 476-Dimensional Captain Zebulon"

born July 13, 1993

Zeb's website is

An out-of-date Zeb story page is here.

Zarathustra Amadeus Goertzel


born December 21, 1989

An out-of-date Zar story page is here.

An old Web page Zar made when he was 12 is here

His current Web page is being kept top-secret...

More family...

  • My father, Ted Goertzel, is a professor of sociology at Rutgers University; his homepage is here.
  • My mother, Carol Goertzel, runs a social service organization called PathwaysPA.
  • My sister, Rebecca Goertzel, is the principal of the Cloud Forest School in Monteverde, Costa Rica.
  • My ex-wife, Gwen Goertzel's, online art gallery is here.