Ben Goertzel's Early Fiction & Art

This page collects my "juvenilia" -- bits and pieces of fiction and art that I put together in my 20's and early 30's, before I really arrived at a fiction writing style and methodology that I found satisfactory.   There is a lot of stuff I like here but it's all mixed up with stuff I find inept and embarrassing.  Don't read this stuff if you're looking for polished, professional works ... but there are a lot of interesting ideas here including some that have not been visited in any other SF yet; and here and there some bits of really beautiful prose poetry as well....

Short Bits


  • Words 
  • Foreplay (a little silly... but with a certain odd elegance & truth ...)
  • 113 Orgasms (unfortunately, the file containing this one seems to be lost at the moment, though I do have a hard copy)

Some (Relatively) Recent Poetry

Rough Drafts of Novels
(to be buffed and polished and edited into masterpieces when I find the time -- i.e. well after the Singularity ... at which point I won't care anymore...)

Ultimate Truth

The Journey of the Void: Beginnings, Complexity, Mind, Reality, Art, Hierarchy, History

Computer Art

Goertzel for US President in 2004