Ancient Journalism

During 2000-2001, I spent a little time playing journalist -- mostly writing articles for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung, one of whose publishers (Frank Schirrmacher) inexplicably took a liking to my writing.   Nearly all of the articles here were published in the FAZ, though a few were written for science magazines, and one or two were written with FAZ in mind but never actually published by them.  A lot (but not all) of the material here was reworked and reused in my book The Path to Posthumanity.  

I've also written some journalistic stuff more recently, but haven't bothered to link to it here (yet)

Autobiographical Essay

I wrote this for the FAZ but they wouldn't publish it because it was too controversial.  It recounts some interesting but bad experiences I had in early 2001, when the company Webmind Inc. that I cofounded in 1997 (under the original name Intelligenesis Corp.) closed its doors for financial reasons.  The reason the FAZ wouldn't publish the article is that one of the events related to Webmind's dissolution was the collapse of a potential investment in Webmind by the FAZ itself!  Hmmm....

Biographical Essays

In 2000-2001, the FAZ ran a series of "biographies of cyber-pioneers" or some such.  I wrote a bunch of articles for this series.  All of these are badly obsolete now, and would need updating to account for recent occurences in these peoples' lives.  My Danny Hillis profile was used as the basis for the Wikipedia entry on Hillis for a while, but I'm not sure if it's still up there -- at one point someone deleted it because they thought it was too positive!

Movie Reviews

Feature Articles

Most of these appeared in FAZ; those that appeared other places are explicitly noted. 


  • May 2000: What is Language?, a brief note published in some European periodical whose name I've forgotten